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Dr. Andrew
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Get the latest and most accurate professional football injury reports here. Our unique Injury Score is calculated using unparalleled expertise provided by top radiologist and sports medicine pro Dr. Andrew (Anand) Lalaji.

About Dr. Lalaji

Dr. Andrew (Anand) Lalaji is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Radiology Group in Atlanta, Georgia, an imaging center that has changed the face of the radiology industry. Driven by a passion to create revolutionary solutions for existing processes, Dr. Lalaji also developed Inside Injuries, an educational blog that offers casual sports fans and diehard enthusiasts alike an "inside" look at some of the most common sports injuries in football, basketball, racing, fighting, soccer (futbol), and more.

After seeing the overwhelming success of Inside Injuries, Dr. Lalaji set out to create an interactive platform that combined radiology and Fantasy Football in a new and exciting way: the Injury Report Card. This unique module not only offers valuable information about top Fantasy Football draft picks, but also allows fans to connect with their favorite athletes through diagnostic imaging.

The Radiology Group

Dr. Lalaji and his brainchild, The Radiology Group, have changed the way that both patients and radiologists think about health care imaging. Together, he and his staff have developed an "Intelligent Assembly Line" process, which they frequently refer to as the six sigma chain of interpretation. This innovative technique allows each patient's diagnostic imaging to be reviewed by up to 7 advanced medical personnel around the world. Even the face of increasing patient populations, Dr. Lalaji and his colleagues can maintain and even enhance the quality of diagnoses and health care imaging techniques.