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Injury Report Card: Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

2014 Preseason

Injury Grade B
Performance 70%

2015 Preseason

Injury Grade B-
Performance 65%

2015 In Season

Injury Grade B-
Performance 65%
Key Injury Factors: In 2011, Peterson suffered an ACL/MCL tear, a Level I injury, which ended his season and required arthoscopic surgery. In 2012, he suffered from a sports hernia, a Level II injury that required arthroscopic surgery and had athroscopic surgery again in 2014 to repair the adductor muscle tear, another Level II injury.
2015Ankle Sprain (Minor)Peterson suffered a left ankle sprain in week 15 when he was rolled up at the end of a run, forcing him out of the game. He was later able to return but did not have much success. He may undergo an MRI, but he said there is no damage to the bones.
2015Lower Back PainPeterson left the Vikings' final regular season game with a lower back injury, but briefly returned in the fourth quarter. While the injury may bother him throughout the week, it should not keep him from playing in their playoff game.
2014Adductor Mucle Tear (Groin)Peterson tore an adductor (groin) muscle during the final weeks of the 2013 regular season. He required arthroscopic surgery to repair the muscle and clean up his previous sports hernia. He made a full recovery in six weeks.
2012Abdominal Muscle Tear (Sports Hernia)Peterson was limited in the final three games of the 2012 season due to a sports hernia. He underwent post-season arthroscopic surgery.
2011High Ankle Sprain (Left)Peterson suffered a high ankle sprain (left ankle) causing him to miss three games.
2011ACLPeterson tore his ACL and MCL in the third quarter of the game in week sixteen, and ended his season. He required arthroscopic surgery to repairthe ligaments.
2007Torn Lateral Collateral Ligament (Right)Peterson suffered a Grade II LCL tear during the game against Green Bay. It took four weeks to recover but did not require surgery.
2006Broken Collar BonePeterson broke his right clavicle in the second half of the October 14th game which caused him to miss the remainder of the season.
2005High Ankle SprainDuring his 2005 college season, Peterson suffered a high ankle sprain (right ankle) causing him to miss the next four games.

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