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Dr. Andrew
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Get the latest and most accurate professional football injury reports here. Our unique Injury Score is calculated using unparalleled expertise provided by top radiologist and sports medicine pro Dr. Andrew (Anand) Lalaji.


What is Fantasy Football Injury Report Card?

Injury Report Card is a unique platform that offers Fantasy Football enthusiasts with the inside scoop on their favorite football players' injury histories. Based on thorough research and evaluation, Dr. Andrew (Anand) Lalaji has rated over 200 of the top Fantasy Football draft picks based on previous injuries and other factors that may affect their performance.

How is the Injury Grade calculated?

The Injury Grade for each Fantasy Football player is based on a variety of factors, including a history of concussion, the type and severity of previous injuries, and what types of surgery a player may have undergone. Most importantly, it is determined by the number of Level I and Level II injuries that a player has sustained. For more information on Level I and II injuries, please review our scoring system.

I was going to draft one of the top-scoring players, but his Injury Grade is a D+. Should I reconsider?

Yes and no. The Injury Grade offers you an inside look at a player's potential for injury-- but it doesn't predict how many points they'll score for your Fantasy Football team. If one of your top picks has a low grade, he may be at risk for future injury. However, there are other factors, such as ADP, that you may want to consider.

How often is the Injury Report Card updated?

The Injury Report Card is updated every time that a player is injured, so you can count on us for the latest injury reports.