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Injury Report Card: LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy

2014 Preseason

Injury Grade B+
Performance 75%

2015 Preseason

Injury Grade B+
Performance 75%

2015 In Season

Injury Grade C
Performance 55%
Key Injury Factors: McCoy suffered a compound ankle fracture, a Level I injury in 2006 which ended his season and required open surgery to insert a plate and screws.
2015Hamstring StrainMcCoy dealt with a hamstring strain for much of the preseason, and his week 1 status was up in the air but he ended up playing.
2015Hamstring TearA recent MRI confirmed that McCoy has a new tear to his hamstring that could sidelined him 3-4 more weeks. He played in week 3 before he was 100%% healthy again.
2015Shoulder SprainAfter suffering a shoulder injury, McCoy did not return to the game. The team has diagnosed him with a shoulder strain, and he says he could have returned to the game if he was needed. He should not miss any game time.
2015Torn MCL McCoy suffered a torn MCL in week 15 and is considered week-to-week.
2012ConcussionMcCoy left the November 18th game against Washington with a severe concussion, and was sidelined by the injury for the next four weeks.
2011Ankle SprainMcCoy missed two games of the 2011 season, after suffering an ankle sprain during the game against Dallas.

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