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Injury Report Card: Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski

2014 Preseason

Injury Grade C-
Performance 50%

2015 Preseason

Injury Grade B
Performance 70%

2015 In Season

Injury Grade B+
Performance 75%
Key Injury Factors: Gronkowski suffered multiple Level I repetitive injuries requiring multiple open surgeries with infections. He also required arthroscopic surgery to repair the ACL and MCL in 2013.
2015Knee SprainGronk suffered a scary looking knee injury in week 12, but thankfully it is a lot less severe than it looked. He hyperextended his knee and all scans have come back clean.
2013Re-Breaks Ulna (Left)Gronkowski fractured his forearm for the second time during a playoff game against Houston. He had a second open surgery to place new hardware to stabilize the fracture.
2013Surgical Infection (Left Arm)Gronkowski developed an infection after the second surgery, and had a third open surgery to clean out his left arm. He was prescribed antibiotics for the infection, and required another six weeks to recover.
2013Broken Ulna AssessmentA fourth procedure was necessary to replace the hardware from the second procedure. The status of the infection was also assessed using tissue biopsies, and it was confirmed that the infection in Gronkowski's arm was clear. He took ten weeks to recover from this procedure.
2013Fractured VertebraeIn mid-June, Gronkowski had a microdiscectomy to repair a fractured lumbar vertebrae. He required approximately four months to recover from the procedure before returning to the field.
2013Torn ACLDuring the game against Cleveland, Gronkowski tore the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and MCL (medial collateral ligament) in his right knee, ending his season early. He underwent arthroscopic surgery with reconstructive grafts.
2012Broken Ulna (Left)During the game against Indianapolis, Gronkowski broke the ulna (forearm) in his left arm. He had open surgery to insert a plate that would stabilize the fracture.
2011High Ankle SprainGronkowski sustained a high ankle sprain but played in the Super Bowl ten days later. He had surgery to repair ligament damage in the off-season.
2009Spine Removal to Alleviate Nerve PressureAfter a herniated disc caused sciatica, Gronkowski had a microdiscectomy which removed part of his spine to alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve. He missed the entire 2009 college football season.

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