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Get the latest and most accurate professional football injury reports here. Our unique Injury Score is calculated using unparalleled expertise provided by top radiologist and sports medicine pro Dr. Andrew (Anand) Lalaji.

Scoring System

These scores, which range from A-F, give predictive analysis using data on how these injuries have affected the athletes in the past.

The scoring system used on Fantasy Football: Injury Report Card takes a variety of factors that could influence player abilities into account, including:

  • Player Injuries
  • History of Concussion
  • History of Season-Ending Surgery

The most important elements of this scoring system include Level I and Level II injuries.

A Level I injury requires arthroscopic or open surgery that sidelines a player for 5 or more months, and involves a weight-bearing joint. Level I injuries also have the potential to psychologically impact a player's performance.

A Level II injury may require arthroscopic surgery, but typically results in less than 5 months of recovery time. Any injuries that require non-surgical treatment also fall into this category. These injuries do not affect weight-bearing joints, and do not have a significant psychological impact on a player's ability to perform.